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Plaats hier een foto van je Dodge en vertel iets over jezelf, alleen voor leden van Dodge Trucks Benelux
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Ideaal zo'n dodge

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King of the street

Navigation is the single most significant development in brand new automobile engineering. Forget about studying your email (or having it read to you) while you are on the street, watching DVDs in the rear seat, or getting your MP3s accompany you out of your home to your vehicle and back again.

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It is even available on automobiles which don't provide it as a factory option. How?

The maps market for approximately $299 each. It is enough to create a road directory seem like a bargain.

So what's the policy in Australia like? You are able to find a GPS signal anyplace that you have got access into the skies --but that does not indicate that the maps cover most of Australia. Most satellite navigation techniques cover major regional and metropolitan locations. If you are planning on actually heading off the beaten track, or perhaps heading into smallerout of the way cities, you're going to require a traditional paper map.

* The brightness and size of the display A screen that is too small to see in a glance, or even a display which gets washed out in bright sunshine, is almost useless.

* Voice instructions Does the satellite navigation talk the titles of the approaching road? Or does it just say"take the next left"?

* Automobile mounts Minimise the quantity of time you need to take your eyes away from the street with a windscreen-mounted screen.

Purchasing a car with satellite navigation constructed in is simpler as you won't have a selection of system. Nonetheless, it might be well worth considering whether using a factory-installed satellite navigation is rewarding. There are two or three reasons why it might not be.

The primary reason factory-installed satellite navigation may not be worth purchasing is price. A factory system may also utilize poor mapping applications which might not cover the regions that you would like to push in.

In its favour, mill systems are incorporated with the auto. Audi, by way of instance, reveals the map at a large LCD screen mounted at the center of the dashboard. Additionally, it exhibits arrow instructions on a tiny multifunction screen mounted between the key tools. Looking to the near future, BMW and many others are trialling heads-up shows that superimpose the mapping data within the windscreen. This is essential for security, since you will have less reason to take your eyes away from the road.

Factory systems can also be readily updateable by integrating a new DVD to the GPS unit. But if you do get a mill system, assess how often they are updated, and if those upgrades are free. Some manufacturers provide free upgrades for as long as the vehicle is in guarantee. Others bill from the return.


Satellite and satellite navigation is not the end of the street for technology that is overburdened. The upcoming evolutionary step is connecting the maps into solutions. Already many maps will reveal to you the closest restaurants, service stations and automobile dealerships. Systems such as Toyota's G-Book (a telematic system which delivers help to the motorist ) and Toyota Link (and you can find different businesses developing or supplying similar items, including General Motors' OnStar) automatically informs a call center in the event the automobile's SRS airbags are deployed. Unauthorised usage of the automobile can be monitored utilizing the Global Positioning System, and its own place sent to authorities.

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An development of G-Book, that is now available in Japan during the upcoming few decades, is named G-Book ALPHA. It's a habit digital rights management program named G-DRM, which stores and encrypts music onto a hard disk (like those used in computers) situated in the vehicle. Each hard disk has over 10,000 tunes stored in an electronic format, set there until the vehicle leaves the showroom. If the driver wishes to obey a specific bit of music, then they buy the monitor --the machine may operate by allowing the driver to listen to the song after to choose whether they desire to buy it. If they enjoy the tune, they just link electronically to the fundamental G-Book system, buy a license, and also the tune is unlocked.

It is not tough to imagine these songs will gradually accompany you from your vehicle in your property. Rather than carrying your audio and entertainment about, it follows you, from auto to house to the workplace and back .

These programs operate with a combination of wireless technologies as well as the global positioning system. Utilizing the modem, programs such as G-Book will speak with your home system, downloading your own email to a PC or PDA.

Stepping beyond in-car amusement are integrated traffic management methods (ITMS). Rudimentary models of the are already available in Europe, however, the really radical step will come if the driver can hand over control of the automobile into the pc. Think this sounds overly out-there?

It is 1 step towards an accident-free future--a long time when private transport and public transportation can eventually become one. Utilizing ITMS, vehicles may browse through a town. And since the tomorrow's automobiles will utilize hydrogen and electric power, they are green and clean, producing a healthier urban environment.

Drivers will become accustomed to it at a minute, giving them the opportunity to do the things that they enjoy.

Bluetooth and iPods

The iPod juggernaut usually means that an increasing number of automobiles --and particularly those in the top end of the town --come with committed iPod in-jacks. This makes it effortless to control your iPod with the steering wheel switches.

Automobiles continue to be also supporting about the Bluetooth front: several automobiles have Bluetooth, but its usage is limited to mobiles. During the upcoming few years you'll be able to anticipate that automobile makers will include A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) for their Bluetooth installation. This permits stereo to flow out of a Bluetooth device to some Bluetooth-enabled stereo.

Garmin nuvi 300

Even a simple, yet powerful user interface and touch screen functionality are the chief characteristics of this Garmin nuvi 300, it supplies a traveller's manual and entertainment features such as an MP3 player.

Menu icons are followed by big, vibrant boxes, whereas more specific segments, like if looking for a speech, are clearly tagged with text. The screen is adequate. Sunlight glare can be a issue and during evaluations on a sunny afternoon, we fought to find the display. Another gripe together with the nuvi 300 is that the window bracket, as regardless of the weather conditions, we simply could not get it to adhere on our window for a very long time period.

The nuvi 300 applications is very instinctive and road names are filtered by suburb, which means that you prevent confusion by simply obtaining a list of roads in the special suburb you're searching.

Button permits you to navigate to a particular address, a food outlet, lodging within 5km of your present place, your saved places as well as the closest gas channels.

The nuvi 300 utilizes WhereIs channels in Australia.

The nuvi 300 also provides many different tools for extended journeys. Battery life is just four to six hours normally, and it is a neutral outcome.

In general, a strong navigational encounter on earth is sufficient to cover for a few tiny deficiencies. --Ross Catanzariti

The Navman iCN 550 provides a simple to grasp user interface together with a bright and transparent 3.5in touch display and 4GB hard disk. The iCN 550 is rather a massive GPS and its recipient functions with a reverse out antenna on the back of the device --adding to its dimensions. We discovered the glowing 3.5in TFT touch display seemed quite good in many circumstances. It did however suffer a bit in direct sunshine, but its vertical and horizontal viewing angles were superb. Somewhat puzzling though is that the great number of buttons on this device. The gas and parking buttons, in addition to the power key and the bicycle maps , are all convenient.

You are able to quickly change the map view with the cycle maps essential; the device provides regular 2-D and 3-D viewpoints, in addition to turn lists (alongside five turns) and following turn maps. There's also a button which takes you to the main menu display, a leak key, zoom switches along with the above gas and parking buttons.


Within our driving evaluations, we discovered the unit required anywhere between 30 minutes and a minute to get a signal.

The device is quite straightforward to use as all its operations are accessed through the primary menu display. You could even schedule a multi-stop excursion (with no more than 14 stops) and this is achieved through the primary menu together with adjusting any tastes, or seeing route info, like the education list or a list of your journey. It is also possible to cancel your path should you desire.

You may then pinpoint your precise destination by deciding to navigate to a particular house number, intersection or perhaps to the middle of the road.

The iCN 550 utilizes SmartST 2006 applications with WhereIs maps.

The typical routing choices, like preventing tolls or caution when paths include tolls, are encouraged on the device. There is also a user-configured preset rate warning alert.

We averaged about three hours of usage before we needed to control the device .

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